CODESYS (an acronym for controller development system, previously stylized
CoDeSys) is a development environment for programming controller applications
according to the international industrial standard IEC 61131-3. Once CODESYS
is online, it offers an extensive debugging functionality such as variable monitor-
ing/writing/forcing by setting breakpoints/performing single steps or recording vari-
able values online on the controller in a ring buffer (Sampling Trace). CODESYS
V3.x is based on the so-called CODESYS Automation Platform, an automation
framework device which manufacturers can extend with their own plug-in mod-
ules. The CODESYS Professional Developer Edition offers the option to add com-
ponents to the tool which are subject to licensing, e.g. integrated UML support, a
connection to the Apache Subversion version control system or static code analysis
of the application code. The free of charge CODESYS Application Composer lets
users create complete automation applications with the IEC 61131-3 tool. An in-
tegrated configurator generates visible IEC 61131-3 code out of this configuration.
CODESYS is a software platform especially designed to fulfill the many different
requirements of modern industrial automation projects