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The aim of the course is to provide students with the knowledge in the field of industrial networking protocols, including computerized information systems and data collection and processing. Training to work with modern equipment for industrial networks, systems and complexes used in industry, communications, telecommunication systems.

The course forms the intellectual skills in students who can solve a variety of problems with the research and development of information and measurement and information and communication systems with the use of modern equipment.

Methods of study of discipline is based on giving students knowledge and skills in the field of industrial systems, methods and principles of structural and algorithmic synthesis of industrial automation systems.

The purpose of the module is to develop the skills of constructing the field of production process automation system using Profibus and Modbas industrial networks. Listeners familiar with the features and architecture of the network Profibus and Modbas, order communication. Consider the typical modules  signals, how to connect to sensors typical technological parameters of mining, organizing field of APCS mine equipment using Phoenix Contact.