Computerized control systems with the real-time processes are based on the up-to-date information technologies, operating systems, firmware, and communication and support the allotted time spans for collecting, processing and transmitting data under technological objects control.

            Hereat the WEB-based technologies of control systems on the ground of PLC and SCADA-systems with the elements of virtualization and tunnelling of industrial communication links are applied.

            Considering the present requirements for the systems of technological processes control with high dynamics of information processes, the real-time systems support them completely.

             The study guide includes the grounds of design and functioning of the systems with the real-time processes control and examples of projects, performed on the ground of firmware, in particular Software PLC:

            - PC WORX RT BASIC «Phoenix Contact»;

            - WinАС RTX «Siemens».

            All the projects, given in the study guide, have been performed and tested. Hence they can be applied for getting practical skills of design and putting into operation the components of system with the real-time processes control on the ground of Software PLC.