Course Author: Yuliya Makarova - Dusseldorf University of Applied Sciences (DUAS), Germany

The Web-based learning environment supply the student with both offline and online lessons. At the end of each section you can find online questionaire and test your knowledge.

The objective of the PROFINET Remote Lab project was the development of a multi-functional education and training system for the realtime Ethernet communication system PROFINET based on sophisticated web technologies.


  • Getting to know the theoretical basics of the PROFINET technology.
  • Getting to know from construction and structure of a real experimental station (workpiece assembly station) as a PROFINET application example.
  • Getting to know the configuration of the PROFINET test station by the automation software PC WORX and set up configuration parameters.
  • IEC 61131-programming of a process control with PC WORX and testing on the real station.
  • Acquisition of competence at the use of online media and remote labs.

The learning environment will supply the student with both offline and online lessons including remote lab units. Thus a student can first learn about the basics of PROFINET technology. Afterwards he might connect to an experimental assembly station for a live session. The access to the engineering tool PC WorX will be accessible locally over a LAN as well as remote using a WAN connection.