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support for online events - lectures or practical lab exercises

Avatar Julia Boettcher
support for online events - lectures or practical lab exercises
par Julia Boettcher, lundi 6 décembre 2021, 12:37

Dear EduNet members,

due to the Corona crisis and following the general trend towards digitization, all types of online events have grown considerably in recent years. In the field of education in particular, lectures, seminars and workshops in online format are now part of the daily work equipment of lecturers, trainers and instructors. This type of digitization in education will certainly continue to exist in the future (without Corona).

As part of EduNet we would like to pick up on this trend and create the opportunity for our members to hold online events within our network using the EduNet Learn Management System (ELMS). Over 500 EduNet members from more than 140 universities worldwide are currently registered in the ELMS. All users in the ELMS have a common interest in Automation and Information Technology, and usually work as professors, lecturers and/or trainers in Higher Education and Vocational Training Institutions. In addition, one can assume that the EduNet members are interested in internationalization, communication and discussion among colleagues on technical topics and also on topics relating to training and further education.

We would now like to use the possibilities of the ELMS and offer all EduNet members to hold their own online events for the EduNet community in the ELMS. In principle, all online formats (presentations, seminars, workshops, etc.) and all presentation languages are possible. For example, you could invite other EduNet members to participate in your own courses and they could take part live in your lectures or practical lab exercises.

As ELMS help desk, we would support you in the organization of your online event. This includes e.g. the creation of an event website with registration in the ELMS, information to all ELMS users, provision of MS Team as a video conference system for the registered participants.

The implementation of online events via the ELMS offers the following advantages for EduNet members:

• Addressing an interested and international audience;

• Exchange and discussion with international colleagues within EduNet;

• Increase the visibility of your own institution and your own specialist topics;

• Lean administration through the use of the ELMS infrastructure and support from the ELMS help desk;

• Individualized online formats, e.g. practical exercises on real systems through topic-specific coordination with the ELMS help desk.

We hope that this offer will meet with approval in the EduNet network and thus also increase the attractiveness of the network.

If you are interested in holding an online event via the ELMS, please contact Prof. Langmann via or He will then contact you for the details.

Many greetings

Your ELMS team