Ethernet as a communication medium, structure and use of IP networks, using standard protocols, operating a TCP / IP and UDP / IP communication, real-time Ethernet systems for industrial automation, basics of embedded Internet. Concepts and terms of process-oriented communication with fieldbus systems, construction, operation and programming of classic fieldbus systems (Interbus, Profibus, CAN, ASI, etc.), technology and applications.

  •  Basics regarding the network technology- Passive network components (cable and connector types)- Active network components (hub, switch, router)
  • Basic PROFINET specifications
  • Communication channels- Non-realtime (NRT)- Realtime (RT)- Isochronous realtime (IRT)
  • Device descriptions (GSDML)
  • Integration of fieldbus systems
  • Structure of the PROFINET protocol
  • Network diagnostics (e.g. LLDP)
  • Practical exercises- Structure of a demo system- Project planning- Startup- Naming devices- Automatic PROFINET device replacement- PROFINET diagnostics

Course Author: Yuliya Makarova - Duesseldorf University of Applied Sciences (DUAS), Germany
This course provides basic training in the development, operation, maintenance and diagnosis of the real-time Ethernet system PROFINET.


• PLC: Phoenix Contact (PC Worx)

• Implementation of Profinet IO Siemens

• Study of different Gateways

• Profinet/Profibus Profinet/CAN

• System integration