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New projects in ELMS: 1. Industry 4.0 - 2. Home automation of the future

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New projects in ELMS: 1. Industry 4.0 - 2. Home automation of the future
by Julia Boettcher - Monday, 4 November 2019, 11:38 AM

Pascal VRIGNAT from the Université d'Orléans - IUT de l'INDRE provided 2 interesting projects in the ELMS. Please follow the links:

Industry 4.0: introduction to the continuous improvement of an industrial process for Master’s students

Among the many pedagogical strategies for improving students' motivation, life skills, and know-how, project-based pedagogy is often cited as an example. It is in this context that a challenge entitled "New digital processes for the plant of the future" was launched in 2019 for engineering students learning the specialty "mechatronics and robotics". Seven teams are drawn at random and made up of 5th-year students based at the HEI Campus Centre engineering school, therefore, they took part in this challenge. The technical issues to be addressed were vast because they had to meet certain needs and services dedicated to issues related to the digital industry or industry 4.0. This paper details the pedagogical strategy that has been adopted, the technical specifications and the planning to be respected. It also proposes some significant results. A measurement tool concerning the efficiency of the method has also been implemented. The results thus obtained have enabled us to refine our feedback on the challenge and thus refine our educational policy.

Home automation of the future: initiation of Professional Bachelor’s degree students as a part of an industrial collaboration

Projecting yourself into your future home is a luxury that is now accessible thanks to 3D digital environments that allow you to model and virtualize down to the smallest detail the house of your dreams. Virtualization is not a new concept, however, it has become almost ubiquitous. For example, for a real estate agency, a virtual visit of a property will be a sales asset that will distinguish it from the competition. It is indeed this innovative service niche, which also integrates the control-command of various controllable devices, that was the subject of a tutored project carried out by three students of the professional degree "Supervision des Automatismes et des Réseaux (SAR)" at the IUT de l'Indre. An agreement established in 2017 with the international network "Edunet" made it possible to enhance the value of the work accomplished on this subject in 2019.