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Second Argentinean Annual EduNet Conference 2020

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Second Argentinean Annual EduNet Conference 2020
by Julia Boettcher - Wednesday, 25 March 2020, 5:05 PM

Second Argentinean Annual EduNet Conference 2020, 27-28 February 2020 at Universidad Tecnológica Nacional Facultad Regional Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Last month the second Argentinean EduNet Conference for technology universities took place. The conference was held in Spanish language with participants from Argentina, Chile, Columbia and Germany.

Around 100 lecturers and authorities from 20 universities as well as our main technological partners in Argentina attended the conference.

During the Conference the participants talked about technological updating, networking spaces, project presentations and attended to discussion groups.

We invited the attendees to all our courses on programming, automation and industrial cyber security in our #trainingpxcargentina and we talked about the possibilities of using the new #plcnext laboratories at already 9 Argentinean EduNet universities.

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We thank FRBA, Universidad Tecnológica Nacional y Prensa UTN Buenos Aires!


Llevamos a cabo el segundo congreso de universidades técnicas en Argentina. Asistieron invitados de Chile, Colombia y Alemania. Contamos con la presencia de 100 docentes y autoridades de 20 universidades y nuestros principales partners tecnológicos de la Argentina.

En el evento tuvimos charlas de actualización tecnológica, espacios de networking, presentación de proyectos y grupos de debate.

Invitamos a los asistentes a todos nuestros cursos de programación, automatización y ciberseguridad industrial en nuestro #trainingpxcargentina y charlamos sobre las posibilidades de utilización de los nuevos laboratorios #plcnext con el que ya cuentan 9 universidades en la Argentina.

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Gracias FRBA, Universidad Tecnológica Nacional y Prensa UTN Buenos Aires!

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Guillermo Oliveto, Dean, Universidad Tecnológica Nacional Buenos Aires

Prof. Dr. Gunther Olesch, CHRO, Member of the Board, PHOENIX CONTACT GmbH & Co. KG